Pohostinec Monarch

Pohostinec Monarch

Grand Cru Restaurant a Bar

pohostinec Karlín

Pohostinec Karlín

Eshop s víny a destiláty

Eshop s víny a destiláty

Dear customers, with effect from Saturday, 14th March 2020, the restaurant is closed. We will inform you about any changes. Thank you for your understanding. In these difficult moments, we wish you, your relatives and friends particularly healthy body and calm mind.

Loyalty program

Loyalty Card - YIM & PIJU

It is intended for all gourmets and lovers of good food - for you!

You can pick up your card at any restaurants - Grand Cru, Pohostinec Monarch, Pohostinec Karlín.


Use discount in the YIM & PIJU Club

  • On the card will be recorded all your payments for consumption at all restaurants (Grand Cru, Pohostinec Monarch, Pohostinec Karlín).
  • Automatically you gain 10 % discount on your consumption. This discount you can use on payment in all our restaurants.
  • At the same time, you get 5 % discount in our e-shop www.1er.cz. If you wish to register to this discount, please mention your delivery address and tick the box with this option, during your card registration! The registration to the e-shop might take one-week time. You will get confirmation email as soon as it is done.


VIP invitation to YIM & PIJU PREMIER club events

  • If the total of payments on your card in the last 12 months exceeds 25.000 CZK, you become a member of the YIM & PIJU PREMIER Club.
  • Membership is automatically restored and we will exchange your regular card for a gold one.
  • Several times a year, you can enjoy our chef's and sommelier's culinary invitations, wine discounts, tasting, sommeliers' advices.
  • Your discount in restaurant grows to 20 % and the discount in e-shop to 10 %.


General information

  • The card has to be activated on the website by email or by the manger of the restaurant.
  • The card can be used in all restaurants of the company.
  • Please have the card with you when you want to use the discount on payment.
  • The card is portable.


In case of loss or damage

  • Block the card as soon as possible by calling +420 603 225 386 or by email yimapiju@pohostinec.cz.
  • You can request a new card at any restaurant in the company.
  • The new card is activated when the serial number and the email registered to the card are rewritten.
  • Information of the loyalty program can be provided in any restaurant of the company.


We are looking forward to your registration!